Radio and TV COmmissions

Karen Wimhurst has been often been commission to write for TV and Radio below are a sample of works

A selection of commissions...

Whistling in the Wind

Two half-hour experimental radio programmes with oral historian Helen Weinstein.  Broadcast May ’98 and repeated June ’99.  Commissioned by BBC. Radio Four.  

Domino Party
Little Sea

Raven Suite


Memory Like Shells

Documentary with Helen Weinstein tracking the compositional collaboration with war veteran Norman Winchester.

Allegri String Quartet and narrator. Guest lecturer and performance of quartet for Wellcome trust conference on War and Memory, Jan 2009. Performance Imperial War Museum with introduction by Martin Bell for Remembrance Sunday. Documentary feature BBC radio 4 10/11/2002. Performance Sarum Orchestra 2006.  Initial commission by Age Concern and the Baylis Programme ENO.

Radio 4 Documentary
Radio 4 performance

Fruit of Paradise

Celebrating Common Ground’s 21st anniversary of Apple Day this evening traces the exotic journey of the apple from the Tien Shang mountains near Kazkstahn into our British orchards. This is a contemporary folk tale featuring ballad singer Emily Portman, accordionist Paul Hutchinson, violinist John Hymas, composer/clarinettist Karen Wimhurst and can include a children’s choir

Fruit of Paradise Radio1

Another World


Another world.Radio 4 Documentary


Experimental voice/music piece commissioned by BBC Radio 4.  Broadcast Jan.2005

Air and Waves

Composer in residence with An Tobar Arts, March 2002 featuring new commission for Mcfalls,  commissioned by Scottish Chamber Orchestra and strings quartets written in collaboration with young people at An Tobar, Mull.  Broadcast 15/5/2002 and 16/5/2002 BBC radio 3.   Premiered the Bongo Club Edinburgh 5/5/2002.

Song for a Falling Angel

Hour long documentary about the Lockerbie Bombing based around the requiem Song for a Falling Angel

Cauld Blast Orchestra

Karen Wimhurst founded the Cauld Blast in 1990.  Since that time has toured throughout Britain and Europe.  BBC radio 3 broadcasts.  Appearance on the Late Show March1993.  The Jazz Critics Award, Edinburgh Festival 1990. Recordings include two CDs Durga's Feast and Savage Dance and a current album due for release 2003.   The group has itself has received various commissions.
The Stones and the Sea       New work for the Cauld Blast Orchestra. Premiered May 1998 An Tobar Arts Centre, Island Of Mull.  Commissioned by An Tobar and the Highlands Festival.  Scottish Arts Council Award for recording the Commission August 1999.
New Fangled Like An Ape New work for the Cauld Blast Orchestra.  Premiered April 1995 Phoenix Arts Centre Leicester.Queen Elizabeth Hall January 1996. Live broadcast BBC Radio 3 Dec.'96. Commissioned by Phoenix Arts Centre Leicester. 

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